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Sean "the Captain" Carasov was the road/tour/personal manager (under Russell Simmons) for the Beastie Boys from their early club dates to the recording of Licensed to Ill, and the Raising Hell, Together Forever, and Licensed to Ill tours. After touring with the Beastie Boys, Carasov accepted a desk job with Rush Management. When the Beastie Boys sued Def Jam/Rush to break from their contract, Carasov followed their lead and moved to California to pursue new opportunities. He went on to do A&R work for several record labels including Jive, Atlantic, and Mammoth. At Jive, he was responsible for signing A Tribe Called Quest and compiling the soundtrack for "Menace II Society."

Carasov was a frequent writer, published in a number of international magazines, including Bikini, Max, Blast, Asayan and Daytona. He also wrote for the Beastie Boys' Grand Royal Magazine. Issue #1 contained a full-page rant by Carasov titled "The Captain's Beefs" that Adam Yauch tried to (and did) censor. (Yauch inserted a disclaimer to Carasov's article titled ".22 Automatic on My Person...NOT.") In Issue #2, Carsov contributed opinion writings on Slick Rick and the mullet. When Mike Diamond censored Carasov's writing, he quit and began writing for a rival 'zine that Eli (Bonerz) of X-Large was down with called Hollywood Highball.

For a period in his life, Carasov worked in the adult film business, which he found to be "less sleazy than working in the music industry." His job was to scout porn locations. Carasov was involved in mainstream film work as well. He was the music supervisor for the 1999 film "American Pimp" and the 2001 film "Prison Song," in which Q-Tip co-wrote, produced, and starred.

More recently, Carasov worked in the A&R business at Ted Field's label, ARTISTdirect Records. Carasov died on October 30, 2010.

When Beastiemania.com last interviewed Carasov and asked what he had been up to, he replied, "I was engaged to a porn star, who shot herself in the stomach (she lived). Then I married a stripper at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. I got DUIs on consecutive nights, which was not as bad as the guy who got two on the same night. And I shot a hole through my pinky with a .22 (just to watch it die)."

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