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Sean Callahan

Sean Callahan



"Weighs in at two seventy five / My man is luck to be alive"

Those are the lyrics from the Ill Communication song "Heart Attack Man" which was loosely based upon the basketball exploits of Sean Callahan. The short article written by Shea Johnson in the 1994 ESPN2 Dirt Magazine is the only real information about Sean that exists, so therefore it is drawn on for the biographical information in this entry.

Sean was welcomed into the G-Son ballroom to play basketball in the ABA League (Atwater Basketball Association) because he was a friend of Bob Mack. At that time Bob Mack was editor of Grand Royal Magazine, so he was "working" there so to speak.

In 1994, when the article was written, it states that Sean worked as a regional distributor for a commercial refrigeration manufacturer. Sean has not turned up on the beastiemania.com radar since. We here at beastiemania.com would love to get into contact with Sean to improve upon this Who's Who entry. So Sean if you're out there, please e-mail us.

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