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Eli and Eric Bonerz
Eli and Eric Bonerz


History of Eskimo


With boxing gloves on, Eric and Eli are the fashion industry's one-two knock-out punch. Eric and Eli Bonerz may not be household names, but I am pretty sure you have heard of the clothing company they are involved with: X-Large Co.

If you're curious about where the name X-Large came from, the official website's history section states that it stems from a combination of Living Large and Gen-X. "You can't talk about the early days of X-Large without talking about Mike D of the Beastie Boys. One of the original investors and still a shareholder today, Mike helped Eli and Adam Silverman to better create a unique concept for X-Large" (the X-Large Website).

Prior to the days of X-Large, Eric Bonerz played in a band called Eskimo. He joined the band in 1986 and played with them for many years, until in 1992 when he announced he was going to leave the band to work in the Los Angeles clothing industry. The rest they say is history. If you're curious, Eskimo did release some full length albums and has broken up and reformed in various configurations.

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