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A Tribe Called Quest


Q-Tip and A Tribe Called Quest opened for the Beasties Boys on most of the 1998 North American Hello Nasty Tour dates. This provided fans with an opportunity to see Q-Tip join the Beastie Boys on stage during "Get It Together" (which was usually part of the encore). 1998 was not the first time that Q-Tip had rhymed his lyrics of "Get It Together" live on stage. Back in 1996 during the San Francisco Tibetan Freedom Concert, Q-Tip surprised the Golden Gate Park crowd when he came out to improv and freestyle during the Beastie Boys' set.

"Get It Together" (which is found on Ill Communication) allowed Q-Tip the chance to contribute his own writing style to a Beastie Boys song. This was significant at the time, because few rappers had collaborated with the Beastie Boys. It is true that Biz Markie had worked with the band prior to the release of Check Your Head, but no rapper had previously contributed as much to an Beastie Boys album track as Q-Tip at that point in history. "Get it Together" is not the only song that Q-Tip lent his vocals to. It is rumored that he also finished at least one other track that did not make the album's final line up.

After the dissolution of A Tribe Called Quest in 1998, Q-Tip has gone on to do some solo work as well as making numerous guest appearances.

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