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So you think you are a Planet of the Apes fan, but you're not even in the game when compared to Nigo, who has the fifth largest POTA collection in the world. If the statement "takes one to know one" is true, than Nigo knows collectors very well. He knows they appreciate it when manufacturers pay special attention to detail, so thus he created the Beastie Boys Action Figures.

Influenced by the Planet of the Apes movies, Nigo started his own clothing label A Bathing Ape in 1993. BAPE clothing has perhaps become the coolest merchandise in the world. Cool does not come cheap as we learned with the Beastie Boys Action figures, which sold for around $1000.00 per set. An average BAPE t-shirt will likely cost you eighty dollars, but that is the price to pay to dress like Adam Horovitz. Adrock has in the past been photographed wearing BAPE t-shirts.

Clothing was just the beginning for Nigo's dynasty. Having been embraced by some of the music industry's most talented people, namely the Beastie Boys, Ben Lee, and Money Mark, it was not long before Nigo was performing too. He started out in the early 1990s as a drummer for a punk band called the Tokyo Sex Pistols. Then he made his rounds as a dj at elite underground parties. Then it all came together, when James Lavelle of MoWax asked Nigo to produce an album for his UK label. Because Nigo couldn't be in two places at once (the UK and Japan), he built Ape Sounds the studio. The Bapesounds label would soon follow.

One of the first releases on the Ape Sounds label would feature several guest stars and a number of Grand Royal alumni including: Ben Lee, Mike D, and Money Mark. Having conquered the Japan and the UK within a ten year period, perhaps within the next ten years Nigo will be a household name in the USA and the rest of the world.

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