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Nasal Tongues



In the De La Soul song "Squat," Adam Horovitz rhymed "I've got my own crew called the Nasal Tongues." Which promoted fans to question: Who are the Nasal Tongues? Did they put out a record that I missed? Over the years there has been a fair amount of speculation as to whether there ever was a Horovitz side-project by that name. As legend has it, the group was comprised of B-Real (of Cypress Hill), Q-Tip (from A Tribe Called Quest), and Adam Horovitz (Beastie Boys). It is true that each of these rappers has their own distinct sound and delivery style. Yet, at the same time the vocals of all three do share something of a nasal quality.

Back in 1998, Adam Horovitz was asked in an Ego Trip Magazine (Vol. 4 No. 1) interview about collaborating with other hip hop artists. His response was, "I wanted to start a group in '92 with me, Q-Tip, B-Real, and Busy Bee and call it the Nasal Tongues. I thought it was funny and mentioned it to Busy Bee, but I don't think he remembered me. But, the other guys were into it." So, according to that interview it is possible, but not probable that Adrock, B-Real, and Q-Tip laid down a track or two. Until something legitimate surfaces, a fan produced mash-up is about as close as you are likely to get to the Nasal Tongues.

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