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Gig Info:

Date: 17 Nov 2004
Country: Italy
City: Rome
Venue: Villagio Globale


Last minute surprise gig.
The location changed 3 times since it was announced: 1st Horus Club (limited capacity) then Alpheus (bigger capacity) and finally Villaggio Globale (even bigger capacity).
Tickets did not go on sale before the night of the show. Entrance was only 6 Euros and no physical tickets or passes were issued.
 1. Mix Master Mike Intro
 2. Super Disco Breakin'
 3. Root Down
 4. Sure Shot
 5. Triple Trouble
 6. 3 the Hard Way
 7. All Lifestyles
 8. Egg Man
 9. Pass the Mic
 10. Shake Your Rump
 11. An Open Letter to NYC
 12. Body Movin'
 13. Paul Revere
 14. Right Right Now Now
 15. Three MC's and One DJ
 16. Brass Monkey
 17. Ch-Check It Out
 18. Intergalactic
 19. So What'cha Want
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