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Gig Info:

Date: 1 May 1995
Country: United States
City: Denver, CO
Venue: Denver Coliseum

Other Bands/Artists at the Show:

  • Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
  • The Roots

Quadraphonic Tour

The show was originally scheduled to be played at Red Rocks Amphitheatre, but due to heavy snow, it was moved to the Denver Coliseum at the last moment.
 1. To All the Girls
 2. Stand Together
 3. Root Down
 4. Shake Your Rump
 5. Time to Get Ill
 6. Pass the Mic
 7. The Sounds of Science
 8. So What'cha Want
 9. The Biz vs. the Nuge
 10. Time for Livin'
 11. Tough Guy
 12. Beastie Boys
 13. Sabrosa
 14. In 3's
 15. Bobo on the Corner
 16. The Maestro
 17. Flute Loop
 18. Alright Hear This
 19. Egg Man
 20. Posse in Effect
 21. Do It
 22. High Plains Drifter
 23. Four Fly Guys
 24. No Sleep till Brooklyn
 25. Gratitude
 26. Son of Neckbone
 27. Lighten Up
 28. Egg Raid on Mojo
 29. Holy Snappers
 30. Heart Attack Man
 31. 5-Piece Chicken Dinner
 32. Sure Shot
 33. Rhymin' and Stealin'
 34. Sabotage
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