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Molly Ringwald

Molly Ringwald


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Molly gets an honorable mention in the Beastiemania.com Who's Who because she was part of the band's inner circle of friends during the height of the Licensed to Ill popularity and stardom. At that time, she was romantically involved with Adam Horovitz.

It has never really been said how long they dated exactly, but one can assume by the way her name remained in articles about the band for about one year that their relationship lasted close to that. Molly has been credited in the past for getting Adam interested in Hollywood movie making and his move to Los Angeles. That may or may not be true, since Adam had guest-starred in an episode of the Equalizer far before Licensed to Ill blew up.

Following the fallout of the Licensed to Ill world tour and sometime before the production of Check Your Head, Molly and Adam split. Adam later married actress Ione Skye. Molly has rarely (if ever) been mentioned in the same sentence as the band since then, so it is open to speculation as to whether Molly and Adam are friends still today or not.

Molly Ringwald has made quite a list of movies before, during, and after her time 'with the band,' for a complete list check her entry at the Internet Movie Database.

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