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Max Perlich

Max Perlich


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You have seen him opposite the Luscious Jackson crew in the "Naked Eye" music video and also in the Adam Horovitz's movies Cityscrapes: Lost Angeles (1994) and Lost Angels (1989). But who exactly is Max Perlich?

Ahh... Max Perlich, where to begin? He is a talented character actor, skater, musician, Jamaican music aficionado, car collector & friend of Beastie Boys. Max's resume is as diverse as the Ricky Powell's. He got his start playing small parts in movies and also on television. For the skate rats and Beastie fiends, he became better known for showing up in the presence of skaters and musicians. If you own it, you may recall seeing Max not only skate in the SKTHARD video that Hosoi put out in 1988, but also making the beats for it.

Around the same time, you may have also seen Max rocking a Beastie Boys shirt in Can't Buy Me Love (1987). After a while, he became a ubiquitous fixture showing up at various Beastie Boys concerts and also on Ricky Powell's Manhattan cable access show Rappin' With The Rickster.

Recently, Max has been refining his craft as an actor. Having been in over fifty movies, appearing in everything from Ferris Buller's Day Off (1986) to Deadrockstar (2002), Max only continues to improve and amaze audiences. Audiences all of the world saw him play the role of Kevin Dulli, in the 2001 Johnny Depp blockbuster movie Blow. As a side note and a little piece of trivia, Max Perlich's father is a famous radio disc jockey in Los Angeles, CA.

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