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Yoko Ono


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Entire books have been written about the life and times of Yoko Ono, so it is easy to see that her biography is well behind the scope of the Who's Who entry; her path has more than once crossed that of the Beastie Boys she earns a mention here.

It seems Yoko Ono is household name of today, yet there was a time in the 1960s where Yoko was just another artist trying to get her name known. Around the time that the Beatles were making what later became known as the White Album (1968), Yoko became the romantically involved with John Lennon. As fate would have it, Yoko would later marry John Lennon and become his second wife. John already had a child from his first marriage, however in the 1970s Sean Lennon was born to John and Yoko. In December of 1980, John was tragically murdered in front of his home in New York, NY. John Lennon left his estate to Yoko and his musical genius to his son Sean, who would later release an album on Grand Royal Records.

Pictured here on the left is Yoko Ono performing live July 6th, 1996 during the free "Summerstage Concert Series" in Central Park New York, NY. Adam Yauch played bass for her. Perhaps he was returning a favor, since Yoko had volunteered to perform at Adam's first annual Tibetan Freedom Concert (in San Francisco, CA) the previous month.

Also it is worth mentioning that the Beastie Boys did the "ABA Remix" of Yoko's song "Source" on the Rising Mixes album which was released in March of 1996. If you have ever been curious about Yoko's solo work, the Rising Mixes is an excellent place to start.

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