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The Latch Brothers
The Latch Brothers

Jet Set Radio Future


The Latch Brothers are Michael Diamond, Tick, and Wag. Their best known work prior to their involvement with the JSRF project were remixes. First they remixed a song for At the Drive In, who were on the Grand Royal record label at the time. Later, they also did a "Shake Your Rump" remix which can be found the Beastie Boys Video Anthology DVD.

For the JSRF project, the Latch Brothers created a collection of original music which a person can hear in the background as they play through the game. JSRF stands for Jet Set Radio Future, which is a "hard-core skating game" and the sequel to the game Jet Grind Radio. The XBox gaming system will be the first place to experience the music of the Latch Brothers and the action of JSRF.

When out in public, The Latch Brothers have a tendency to only appear in costume. One is a Rabbit, another an Elephant, and still another is a Lion. Had Grand Royal Records not folded, perhaps we would have seen the release of a soundtrack to the Jet Set Radio Future game.

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