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Nathanial Hörnblowér

Nathanial Hörnblowér


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Said to have been born in the Swiss Upenziel, Adam Yauch's uncle and alter ego, Nathanial Hörnblowér has richly contributed his creative flare to several Beastie Boys' projects throughout the years. From his award winning art direction that made Paul's Boutique's cover so memorable to the numerous music videos he has directed, Hörnblowér's abilities have kept the Beastie Boys on the cutting edge. If it weren't for Hörnblowér, we would be without the encompassing Beastie Boys Video Anthology DVD which he directed and produced as well. In fact, out of the eighteen music videos on the two disc DVD set, ten were directed by Mr. Hörnblowér.

Following his outburst and disruption at the 1994 MTV Music Video Awards, many entertainment journalists harshly lashed out at Nathanial for his actions. In defense of Mr. Hörnblowér, Beastiemania.com would like to explain what really happened that night. Feeling confident that his friend and fellow director Spike Jonze was going to win the best video honors for having directed the "Sabotage" video, Hörnblowér left his seat and made his way backstage. When the announcement was made that "Sabotage" had lost best director honors to "Everybody Hurts" by R.E.M., Nathanial was overtaken with emotion and made his way out to the microphone where Michael Stipe was in the process of making his acceptance speech. Yearning to voice his frustration, Hörnblowér was able to quickly vent before MTV security set out to remove him from the awards platform. "This is an outrage, because Spike is the director who has just? (sigh). I'm from Switzerland. Let me just tell everyone that and since I was a small boy I had dreamed that Spike would win this. And now that this has happened, I want to tell everyone this is a farce, that I had all the ideas for Star Wars and everything."

Following the awards show, MTV invited Spike Jonze to speak about Hörnblowér's disruption on the then weekly music news show The Week In Rock . Spike put on as though he was embarrassed by Hörnblowér's antics and said the following. "I saw it happening. My heart was beating. I wanted to stop it from happening, because it was just an appalling scene." But later still, when Spike made an appearance on another MTV show Get Late, which was hosted by VJ Kennedy, he credited Nathanial Hörnblowér as having been a huge influence on his work. "Nathanial is one of my early mentors in the film business. He is a developer of special film techniques and film stocks. He is a Swiss film-maker, who started building his own cameras in the fifties. I've learned quite a bit from him?" Sadly though "Sabotage" went on to be beaten repeatedly during the 1994 MTV Video Awards by Aerosmith's "Cryin'."

If time passes by and you find that you have not heard much from Hörnblowér, you can rest assured that it just means that he is working on a really time consuming project. Never underestimate the craftiness that runs through the veins of the Swiss family Hörnblowér. Having only unearthed two thus far, legions of fans are still searching for DVD Easter eggs on the Beastie Boys Video Anthology. One of which is a hidden photo of Switzerland's eccentric director. It can be viewed by following these directions: first, from the main menu on the second disc, select the non-profit region of the DVD. Second, proceed to select and read through each of the four non-profit options. It is important that you read through all of the material in this area. Hörnblowér is very sly and has set the DVD Easter egg to appear only if each step in followed precisely. Now for the payoff: go back and choose Spike's "Sabotage" music video from the "videos with supplements" menu listing. Once there, proceed to view the photos which were included with the other "Sabotage" supplements. If you have done everything correctly, an additional photo depicting Nathanial Hörnblowér will now be viewable among the other photos.

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