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The members of Cypress Hill have changed a little over the years. People have come and gone; yet, the core of the band is B-Real, Sen-Dog, and DJ Muggs. Eric Bobo, who used to play with the Beastie Boys, is also considered a tight part of the Cypress "Soul Assassins" Family.

Back in 1992 during an interview that the Beastie Boys were doing an interview with Canadian television station Much Music, Mike D was asked what new bands he liked. His response was that he was really into Cypress Hill and their first album. Shortly thereafter, Cypress Hill was selected to share the same stage with the Beastie Boys during the Check Your Head tour. At the end of a Beastie Boys' set in 1992, B-Real and Sen-Dog would then join Mike, Adam, and Adam for "So What'cha Want."

It wasn't the album version of "So What'cha Want" though; it was the Soul Assassin remix. Having added not only a different beat, but also additional lines of lyrics to the song, the Soul Assassin remix of "So What'cha Want" was an instant hit with fans. At one point, there was even a separate music video on cable television for it. Unfortunately, this music video was left off of the Skills to Pay the Bills home video as well as the Beastie Boys Video Anthology DVD.

On April 29th, 1994, The Beastie Boys and Cypress Hill would share the stage again - this time along with Rage Against the Machine to play the benefit concert for Leonard Peltier. Also in 1994, Cypress Hill played to half a million concert-goers at the '94 Woodstock. Oddly enough though, Cypress Hill has never performed at a Tibetan Freedom Concert.

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