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Lisa Ann Cabasa
Lisa Ann Cabasa


Rock stars and models/actresses have been attracted to one another since the dawn of time. Back in the days of classic rock, the media swirled around the courtship of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall. Then in the 1980s, glam rockers like Tommy Lee found themselves in the company of women like Heather Locklear and Pamela Anderson. So it would seem inevitable that Adam Horovitz would end up dating Molly Ringwald and that Adam Yauch would be involved with actress/model Lisa Ann Cabasa.

After the Beastie Boys moved out to Los Angeles, it made logical sense that they would be surrounded by beautiful people working in the entertainment industry. Yauch's relationship with Lisa Ann Cabasa was kept very quiet when compared with the Hollywood relationships Horovitz had with Ringwald (following Licensed to Ill's release) and later Ione Skye. It was not until Yauch-Cabasa relationship had ended in 1994 that a Details magazine article even bothered to mention it.

If you are at all curious about Lisa Ann's acting talent, you can see her in a couple of movies (One Night Stand & Wild at Heart) and also on television. She made a guest appearances on Baywatch and Beverly Hills 90210, but she's best remembered for her role of Tinga on the show Dark Angel.

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