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Production Credits:

Your Sister's Def Click for Lyrics

First Appearance: Shadrach 12" 1989
Written by: Andre Brown & Anthony Davis
Performed by: Andre Brown & Anthony Davis
Production Notes: Produced by Andre Brown and Anthony Davis

Behind the Beats and Lyrics...


  • Tom, Dick and Harry - any persons take at random from the general public
  • "All for one and one for all" - The Three Musketeers' motto



"Although included on the 12-inch version of 'Shadrach,' 'Your Sister's Def' has no real connection to [Paul's Boutique]. Instead, it's an acapella demo song by Dr. Dre, the Beastie Boys' former DJ and the co-host of 'Yo! MTV Raps.' Set to an aggressive, Rick Rubinesque rhythm, the lyrics - which entreat a nerdy fan to help the Beasties gang bang his sister - represent the payoff of almost everything the 'Fight for Your Right' video implied. Given that, and some nauseating sexual references, it's somewhat surprising the track saw release." - excerpted from the 33 1/3 Series book Paul's Boutique by Dan LeRoy, 2006


Released Versions:

Your Sister's Def


No Known Performances in Concert.
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