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Triple Trouble

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First Appearance: To the 5 Boroughs LP, 4 June 2004
Written by: Beastie Boys/Bernard Edwards/Nile Rodgers
Performed by: Beastie Boys
Production Notes: Produced by Beastie Boys. Mixed by Supa Engineer "DURO" for No Question Ent./Loreal Inc. Recording engineered by Beastie Boys and Jon Weiner. Turntable Extraordinaire: Mix Master Mike. Recorded and mixed at Oscilloscope Laboratories. Mastered by Chris Athens at Sterling Sound.

Behind the Beats and Lyrics...


  • Contains elements that were inspired by the lyrics from "Double Trouble at the Amphitheatre" by Kevin Smith and Rodney Stone from the Wild Style soundtrack
  • "Rapper's Delight" by Sugarhill Gang from their album Sugarhill Gang (1980)


  • Bacardi - a brandname of rum
  • All Temp-A-Cheer - Cheer brand laundry detergent
  • Mr. Belvedere - a character and television sitcom (1985-1990), starring actor Christopher Hewitt as a snooty, proper English butler who worked for a middle-class American family
  • Cerrone - Jean-Marc Cerrone (1952- ), one of the most influential disco producers in Europe during the 1970's and early 1980's
  • Helen of Troy - in Greek mythology, the beautiful daughter of Zeus and Leda; her elopement to Troy with Paris caused the Trojan War
  • Jabba the Hutt - a giant, sluglike gangster who was the preeminent kingpin of crime in the Star Wars underworld
  • Bon vivant - a French term for someone who enjoys luxurious living; a fastidious devotee of good food and drink
  • Latte - hot espresso served mixed with hot milk
  • Wile E. Coyote - a Warner Bros. cartoon character whose nemesis is the Road Runner

Sample & Reference Breakdown

  • "If you wanna know the deal about the three/Well, let me tell ya we're triple trouble, y'all/We're gonna bring you up to speed!" - lyrics are inspired by those in "Double Trouble at the Amphitheatre" by Rodney C., K.K. Rockwell, and DJ Stevie Steve ("If you wanna know the real deal about the two/Let us tell ya, we're double trouble, girls/And we're doing it just for you!")
  • "Ain't selling out to advertisers" - refers to an interview in which Adam Yauch said Beastie Boys would never sell any of their songs to advertisers, nor promote any of their products
  • "Versatile All Temp-A-Cheer" - Cheer laundry detergent advertises that its product washes clothes in all temperatures, hence the slogan "All Temp-A-Cheer"
  • "Bam! Supernature, goddamn" - "Supernature" is a song by Jean-Marc Cerrone
  • "What the Helen of Troy is that?" - a "clean" play on the expression "What the hell is that?"


Beastie Boys

"That's a British MC on there, MC Crayonz. In fact we think of that as our British song. We might be wrong." - Beastie Boys, referencing Adrock's British accent throughout the song, 2004


"...the Beasties flow into the harmonized rhymes of vintage hip-hop group Double Trouble. While DJ Mix Master Mike cuts up the song's extended rhythms, Ad-Rock rhymes, 'Versatile like All Temp-A-Cheer/If you wanna drink, call Mr. Belvedere/Run this rap game like a brigadier.'" - MTV News, 2004

"...a groove that sounds like the Rolling Stones' Sympathy for the Devil" - Michael D. Clark, Houston Chronicle, 2004

"Snappy rhymes and sonic thump combine in a winning display of Beastie economy, a formula the Boys fail to apply uniformly." - Edna Gundersen, USA Today, June 15, 2004

"...[a] toe-tapping singalong complete with Run DMC-like riff" - Nigel Gould, Belfast Telegraph, June 18, 2004

"...a throwback party jam with a fever for a cowbell, but as a redux of Double Trouble's 'At the Amphitheatre' over Chic's played out 'Good Times' beat, it's not really happening" - Peter Relic, Cleveland Free Times, June 30, 2004

"...[Boroughs] still finds the group making clever use of beats and samples, like the Sugar Hill Gang's 1979 classic 'Rapper's Delight' on the old-school throwdown 'Triple Trouble'" - Chuck Arnold, People, July 12, 2004


Released Versions:

Blowin' Up Triple Trouble (Beastie Boys vs. Fort Knox Five)
Triple Take (Beastie Boys vs. Franz Ferdinand)
Triple Tripper (Beastie Boys vs. the Beatles)
Triple Trouble
Triple Trouble (Acappella Clean Version)
Triple Trouble (Acappella)
Triple Trouble (Backin Flavor Remix)
Triple Trouble (Beastie Boys vs. Herbie Hancock)
Triple Trouble (Beastie Boys vs. Wildstyle vs. Chic vs. Dennis Coffey...)
Triple Trouble (Brainpower Remix)
Triple Trouble (C.C. Remix)
Triple Trouble (Ch-Ch-Chicken Out Remix)
Triple Trouble (Cheap Cologne Remix)
Triple Trouble (Clean Version)
Triple Trouble (Dexter's Triple Decollte Situation)
Triple Trouble (Graham Coxon Remix)
Triple Trouble (Green Mix Clean)
Triple Trouble (Green Mix)
Triple Trouble (House Remix)
Triple Trouble (Instrumental)
Triple Trouble (J. Wizzle Remix)
Triple Trouble (Jay C Remix)
Triple Trouble (L's Dad Remix)
Triple Trouble (Live)
Triple Trouble (Manmade Remix)
Triple Trouble (McGarret Remix)
Triple Trouble (Mix Master Mike Remix Instrumental)
Triple Trouble (Mix Master Mike Remix Vocal)
Triple Trouble (Skrilla Remix)
Triple Trouble (Unreleased Remix)
Triple Trouble (White Trouble Remix)


Performed in 107 known Concerts.

First known Performance:
10-May-2004 : Club Maria, Berlin, Germany

Last known Performance:
19-Jan-2009 : 9:30 Club, Washington, DC, United States

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