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First Appearance: Ch-Check It Out CD5, 7 June 2004
Written by: Beastie Boys
Performed by: Beastie Boys
Production Notes: Produced by Beastie Boys. Mixed by Supa Engineer "DURO" for No Question Ent./Loreal Inc. Recording engineered by Beastie Boys and Jon Weiner. Turntable Extraordinaire: Mix Master Mike. Recorded and mixed at Oscilloscope Laboratories.

Behind the Beats and Lyrics...


  • 1 Train - part of the New York City Transit subway system, the train running through Manhattan and the Bronx, aka as the Seventh Avenue Line
  • Double L - part of the New York City Transit subway system, running from 8th Avenue to 14th Street to Canarsie
  • Brooklyn - a borough of New York City, on the western end of Long Island
  • Losel - Tenzin Losel Yauch, daughter of Adam Yauch and wife Dechen Wangdu
  • ProTools - professional multi-track recording and sequencing software
  • Apple C - a quickey for copying in ProTools
  • Apple V - a quickey for pasting in ProTools
  • Smorgasboard - a buffet supper
  • Dad - Israel Horovitz, Adam Horovitz' father
  • Freckles - nickname for Kathleen Hanna, Adam Horovitz' wife since 2006

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And Then I


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