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Grand Royal Discography

Here is the basic Grand Royal Discography, showing the releases with a "GR" prefixed catalogue number. Generally this means that promo-only releases and different formats of each title are not included.

Catalog Artist Title Cover
GR001 Luscious Jackson In Search Of Manny
GR002 Dead Fucking Last My Crazy Life
GR003 Beastie Boys Some Old Bullshit
GR004 Moistboyz Moistboyz
GR005 Noise Addict Young And Jaded
GR006 Beastie Boys Ill Communication
GR007 Luscious Jackson City Song
GR008 Hurricane Elbow Room
GR009 Luscious Jackson Natural Ingredients
GR010 Ween Chocolate & Cheese
GR011 Luscious Jackson Deep Shag
GR012 Hurricane Comin' Off
GR013 Beastie Boys The In Sound From Way Out
GR014 Ben Lee Pop Queen
GR015 Ben Lee Grandpaw Would
GR016 Hurricane The Hurra
GR017 Luscious Jackson Here
GR018 Beastie Boys Root Down
GR019 Ladies Who Lunch Kims We Love
GR020 Kostars Hey Cowgirl
GR022 Noise Addict The Frail Girl
GR023 Abstract Rude Blast Off Into Infinity / Something About This Music
Test Pressing Only
GR024 Noise Addict Meet The Real You
GR025 Kostars Klassiks With A K
GR026 Beastie Boys Aglio E Olio
GR027 Buffalo Daughter The Legend Of The Yellow Buffalo
GR028 Money Mark Marks' Keyboard Repair
GR029 Butter 08 Butter
GR030 Buffalo Daughter Captain Vapour Athletes
GR031 Atari Teenage Riot Deutschland (Has Gotta Die!)
GR032 Shizuo Sweat
GR033 EC8OR Cocaine Ducks
GR034 Alec Empire The Destroyer
GR035 Josephine Wiggs Experience Bon Bon Lifestyle
GR036 Luscious Jackson Naked Eye
GR037 Moistboyz II
GR038 Luscious Jackson Fever In Fever Out
GR039 Atari Teenage Riot Not Your Business
GR040 Bis This Is Teen-C Power
GR041 Big Fat Love Hell House
GR042 Atari Teenage Riot Burn Berlin Burn
GR043 Buffalo Daughter Socks, Drugs And Rock & Roll
GR044 Ben Lee Something To Remember Me By
GR045 Bis New Transistor Heroes
GR046 BS2000 BS2000
GR047 EC8OR All Of Us Can Be Rich
GR048 Shizuo Vs Shizor Shizuo Vs Shizor
GR049 Liquid Liquid Liquid Liquid
GR050 Techno Animal Demonoid
GR051 Ladies Who Lunch Everybody's Happy Nowadays
GR052 Buffalo Daughter New Rock
GR053 Sean Lennon Into The Sun
GR054 Various Grand Royal - A Sampling
GR055 Propellerheads DecksAndDrumsAndRockAndRoll
GR056 Buffalo Daughter Great Five Lakes
GR057 Propellerheads History Repeating
GR058 Sean Lennon Home
GR059 Money Mark Push The Button
GR060 Bis Intendo
GR061 Beastie Boys Hello Nasty
GR063 Beastie Boys Scientists Of Sound (Blow Up Factor 1)
Original Test Pressing for GR071
GR063 DJ Strictnine & Paranorm Mic Reaction
GR064 Beastie Boys Love American Style
GR065 Beastie Boys Paul's Boutique
GR066 Beastie Boys Check Your Head
GR067 Ben Lee Breathing Tornados
GR068 Various At Home With The Groovebox
GR069 Beastie Boys Body Movin' (Remixes)
GR070 Bis Social Dancing
GR071 Beastie Boys Scientists Of Sound (Blow Up Factor 1)
GR072 Bis Detour
GR073 Luscious Jackson Electric Honey
GR074 Luscious Jackson Lady Fingers
GR075 Luniz I Got 5 On It (Urban Takeover Remix)
GR078 Buffalo Daughter WXBD
GR079 Sukpatch Tie Down That Shiny Wave
GR083 Buffalo Daughter Sax, Drugs And Rock'N'Roll
GR084 Beastie Boys Anthology - The Sounds Of Science
Test Pressing Only
GR085 Mr. Lif Farmhand (Blow Up Factor Vol.5)
GR089 Russell Simins Public Places
GR091 At The Drive In One Armed Scissor
GR092 BS2000 Buddy
GR093 BS2000 Simply Mortified
GR094 Bash Ton Can I Eat (Blow Up Factor Vol.5)
Test Pressing Only
GR095 The Prunes Rockin' The Mic (Blow Up Factor Vol.4)
GR096 Defacto 456 132 015
GR099 Jimmy Eat World Bleed American

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