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The Two Nerds

"Fight For Your Right" Who's Who

As told by co-director Adam Dubin (with some reminders on the names by the Captain, Bosco, Sunny Bak, and Aura Walker)


The two nerds. The one on the left is Ricky Powell. He was a photographer friend of the Beasties. The one on the right is David Sparks.

The opening party shot. I am in the lower right foreground with my back to the camera talking to Glen Friedman, another photographer friend of the Beasties. As soon as the Beasties kick in the door, I did a comic take where I threw a cup I was holding in the air. Everyone in the shot is a friend of the band.

The Opening Party Scene
MCA and Dave Scilken

The guy whom MCA takes the beer from was a friend of theirs, Tom Cushman.

The kid who MCA spits beer in his face is Dave Scilken. A nice kid who also played in hardcore bands downtown. Unfortunately he died from what I understand. Too bad. We wanted MCA to take a beer from someone, drink it and then spit it in someone's face. Dave volunteered to have the beer spit in his face. He was a good dude.

MCA and Beatnik
Nerd and Woman

The girl was also a friend but I don't remember her name.

The blond girl on the couch was a girlfriend of Adrock, Lora Schulson. That's why Mike D kisses her so tentatively. The gag was that she is hanging onto Adrock on the couch. He sees another girl walk by. He leaves and Mike D jumps in to kiss her. It worked OK.

Adrock and Girlfriend
MCA lights the Nerd Magazine

The nerd and the girl are reading the nerdiest magazine we could find for MCA to set on fire. I remember dousing the magazine in lighter fluid but it took a few takes to get it to catch up. The guy was that photographer friend, Ricky. The girl was the receptionist at Def Jam for many, many years, Simone Reyes. She has been Russell Simmon's personal assistant for more than fifteen years. Not to mention, MCA had a fling with her! She was also in the No Sleep Till Brooklyn video. She is one of the groupies who has a can opener to pry Mike D out of his suit of armour.

His name is Jimmy Schulman and he was a hairdresser for many heavy metal bands.

Rick Rubin

The guy entering the doorway with the beard is Rick Rubin. He later gets a pie thrown at him.

The girl entering the doorway was MCA's girlfriend at the time, Aura Walker.

MCA's Girlfriend
Joe Bruno from Murphy's Law

Joe Bruno, one of Astoria Queen's finest, a roadie for the band Murphy's Law.

Natalie Jacobson, girlfriend of a Murphy's Law band member.

Girlfriend of member of Murphy's Law

Dominique Davalos from the band Dominatrix. She was a girlfriend of a Murphy's Law band member.

Girlfriend of Murphy's Law Band Member

The last guy was Mike, a good crazy skinhead, who en route to Boston in 1985/86 lived in NYC for about 9 months.

EK Smith was a model who met Lyor Cohen of Def Jam on the set of this video and wound up marrying him a year or two later. They bitterly divorced.

Lyor Cohen's (former?) Wife
Mike D giving Spanish Fly

The girls that Mike D is giving the Spanish Fly to is once again, Adrock's girl, her name was Lora, and Aura (MCA's girl). The same girls again are at the bottom when Aura stuff's Lora's face into a pie. Joe Bruno from Murphy's Law is with some kid in the background.

A great screen grab. The shot that made the video and the Beastie Boys as far as I am concerned. I wish I could claim credit but I cannot lie. This was Menello's idea for a shot and it was a masterpiece.

The couch shot
Reaction shot

The kids standing around I don't know. We just needed a reaction shot.

The guy with the eye patch is "Heavy Metal" Scott Koenig. He worked for Rick at Def Jam. He worked with Slayer and later moved on to managing Biohazard. The gag where a guy with an eye patch lifts it up to see better because it is not really a handicap, was stolen directly from the party scene in Breakfast At Tiffany's. We added the pie in the face.

Scott from Def Jam
Ric Menello

This is my co-writer and co-director Ric Menello.

Cey Adams and Wolf.

Cey Adams and Unknown
One of the guys from Murphy's Law

Alex, guitarist for Murphy's Law. Also known as Uncle Al.

That was my TV that MCA smashed and we hid behind Menello. Notice no one wanted to be around MCA when he did this and he wore sunglasses to protect his eyes from the glass.

MCA smashing television
The pie fight.

I love the final pie fight. Everyone went nuts.

That's Menello's arm putting the pie in his mother's face. She is the nicest lady. No one had the heart to throw a pie at her so Ric had to do it. He just reached in and pushed it in her face. Later on, she would be walking in Brooklyn and sometimes kids would come up and ask her if she was the lady in the Beastie video.

Menello's mother
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