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Beastie Mania - Questions and Answers

What you don't know, and what you thought you knew. Miscellaneous questions answered.

  • What artist are on the Beastie Boys Record Label Grand Royal ?
  • How can I tell if something I bought has a legit autograph ?
  • What's the deal with those Beastie Boys Action Figures ?
  • What about the Money Mark toys ?
  • And Run DMC Figures?
  • What the hell is a Beastie Puppet ?
  • Who are the people on the inside of the Check Your Head liner notes ?
  • Who's on the back cover of Ill Communication ?
  • What about the Beastie Boys and Videogames ?
  • Didn't Adrock and AWOL of BS2000 appear on my local radio station during the Simply Mortified tour?
  • Have you heard the Pimp Daddy Strut Remix of Body Movin'? How do I start making my own remixes of Beastie Boys tracks?
  • What's the Beasties' affiliation with X-Large ?
  • What's the deal with the Milarepa Fund ?
  • How do I make my own live recordings ? What about trading for live recordings?
  • Didn't the Beastie Boys own their own record label ?
  • What about the video for Fight For Your Right? Who were all those people?
  • What happened with that unreleased Body Movin' video ?
  • Where do all those RIAA awards come from?
  • What appearances have the Beasties made in movies? What about their own home videos ?
  • Are there any good Beastie Boys books ?
  • How did the Young Aborigines come about ?
  • Didn't Tamra Davis make an extreme sports movie with Mike D?
  • Were the Beastie Boys really born to upper middle class parents ?
  • Wasn't there a cartoon done on The Young & The Useless?
  • What other projects has Eric Bobo worked on?
  • What happend to the Beastie Jukebox Project?