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20 October 2011
With Capitol Record's push behind the release of Hot Sauce Committee Part Two seemingly over, many collectors may be disappointed with entering into another prolonged wait for new material. Fortunately, this "off season" is off to a promising start with two color bootleg vinyl series coming!

The first series is a set of 8 x 7 color vinyl singles, each containing rare and previously unreleased versions of tracks from the 1989 release Paul's Boutique. Each individual single will be released in a limited run of 500 copies. For the completists, all 8 singles will be released together in a 8 x 7 limited edition box set with exclusive artwork. After researching the track listing, it appears that of the 21 tracks only 1 has ever been released commercially on vinyl. Several online sites are already featuring the individual singles for preorder, and we are told that the box set will be available for preorder by the end of the month. The second series of vinyl releases are a set of 8 x 12 color vinyl singles focusing on rare and unreleased material from Hot Sauce Committee Part Two. The first installment of this series, "B-Boys in the Cut Remixes," is currently available (Google search BEASTCUT004). Subsequent releases for the HSCP2 series are rumored to include 12" color vinyl versions for "Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win," "Here's a Little Something for Ya," "Lee Majors Come Again," "Make Some Noise," "Too Many Rappers," and a "Best Of" compilation.

15 July 2011
The hiatus is back off...again, this time for colored vinyl. Collectors get excited when they see colored vinyl and limited edition releases. They get really excited when they see both in one. With the release of Hot Sauce Committee Part Two, Beastie Boys collectors were hoping to get their first colored vinyl pressing since the 1998 10" promo vinyl release of "Body Movin'." Little did they know they would be treated to four different colored vinyl pressings--with more to come!

The latest colored vinyl pressing we have gotten our hands on is this unofficial red and yellow pressing which includes six versions of "Make Some Noise." Not only is it the first multi-color vinyl pressing in the discography (excluding picture discs), it is limited to 10 copies.

Discography : Make Some Noise 12" UK : [BEASTMSN003] (Bootleg) (Red & Yellow Vinyl) "Remixes"
New Releases for 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2011 2012