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Interview with Keene Carse

[ Conducted in September 2017 ]

What do you recall re: the creation of the beastie boys song slow ride? Did you record at Chung King or a different studio?

We recorded that song with them at a different studio. It was on Broadway, around Houston street and I can't remember the name of the studio. They were doing a bunch of tracks there and then going to mix at Chung King.

Urban blight and the beastie boys played a show together in 1984 - was that the only time you all shared the stage ?

We played together several times at the Ritz. Earlier on they backed up one of our shows before they got "huge". They were still doing their song "Cookie Puss" and they threw a bunch of cookie puss ice cream sandwiches into the crowd. The 1984 show at the Ritz was when they joined us onstage for a long version of War's Lowrider where they threw in a bunch of verses. We have a recording of that joint and it is still slamming'.

You teamed up with the beastie boys again for song for the man - how did that come about?

They wanted us to put horns on some of the tunes they were recording for Hello Nasty. They were doing a tune with Lee Scratch Perry and they wanted some horns for the dub sections. We recorded a bunch of horns and Song for the Man really stood out. It was a really fun and relaxed session back then. We had a lot of fun and tried a bunch of different horn parts. Generally we would always talk about doing something together in the studio whenever we met around town or at friends houses. So it was cool to be able to get down on those sessions.

Have any of the beastie boys ever made guest appearances/contributions on your records ?

ADROCK really wanted to produce an album with us of some of our older ska/rock/punk material. We almost got it going but we were hooking up with Producer Mark Kamins at the time and the Beasties blew up and got too busy touring. Yauch always talked with me about how he wanted to do something musically with us but busy schedules always impeded. So sadly we never did any "colabs" on Urban Blight recordings.

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