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Daryl Jenifer of The Bad Brains about The Band "Brooklyn"

[ Conducted in August 2003 ]

Beastiemania.com recently interviewed Daryl Jenifer of Brooklyn and the legendary Bad Brains.

How did Brooklyn come together?

Adam Yauch formed the group in the fall of 1987. Tom Cushman, Adam Yauch, and Dougie Beans were the original line up, with Yauch playing bass. Due to our friendship, Yauch later asked me to step up on bass.

Eric Bobo

Did all the band members contribute to the writing/creation process?

The writing was primarily Adam Yauch and Tom Cushman, but we would all share in the molding of the sound. The sound was pre-classic rock, which at the time was unheard of. Which is another example of Yauch’s ability to know what is sonically next.

Where were the Brooklyn Demos recorded?

We recorded at the Hit Factory in New York, NY. We/They also had 4 track demos which were recorded at Yauch’s apartment in Brooklyn, NY.

I’ve heard that Adam Yauch shopped the Brooklyn Demos around to record labels in an attempt to get Brooklyn a recording contract. Was there any interest?

I do believe that there was label interest, but the powers that be rightfully knew that Adam Yauch had work to be done in the Beastie Boys. Yes the band (Brooklyn) was a musically break away for Yauch, but I do remember a mild "?" about Adrock’s acting career having fueled a lil of this solo side-project.

Did Brooklyn put on concert performances?

I know we played at the World. The band members of Pink Floyd were in attendance. I remember that before the show Adam Yauch and I bum rushed their table. We introduced ourselves and scurried off. I have photos from that show.

The Brooklyn demos have been circulating amongst fans of the Beastie Boys for a couple of years now. Looking back, what do you think of them?

I recently came across a cassette of the house demo. Yauch is a lil shy about his vocals, but I think they are hot…sort of Bob Dylan-ish. We were the first of the (come back) classic rock dudes: ala Black Crowes, Hootie and the Blowfish, and shit like that…even Pearl Jam,.......we were even a lil bit Led Zeppelin.

Brooklyn was a cool concept which was way ahead of its time in musical aesthetic. Brooklyn, that was the shit. Hot name too, Brooklyn, how can you deny a name like that?

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