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Interview with Colleone

[ Conducted in January 2004 ]

Part of the duo 'Colleone & Webb', the only Swedes to have their Beastie Boys remix released officially, we take time out of Colleone's busy schedule for a quick chat.

Can you please give us a brief history about your music career?

Bought my first Akai-sampler & Dj Equipment - '89. Got our first record out '93. I think it was a group named `Bakers of the Holy Bread`. After Bakers we have been working with acts from US, UK, Norway, Finland & of course Sweden.

Does all of your production work these days include 'Webb'?

Almost, I might start it off, but at the finishing touch there is always the two of us.

When did you first listen to the Beastie Boys? Were you a fan before working on your Intergalactic remixes?

I bought one of the first 12"s, Cookiepuss. I didn't like it. But when the first album droped, I loved it!

At first these remixes were only available on Promo releases, until the "Scientists Of Sound" (first of the "Blow Up Factor" series) was released. Were these mixes created after the initial release of the Intergalactic single (ie were they too late to be included in the commercial singles?)

No before the original release, they were released for DJs in Sweden on 12" & CD.

Usually the remixers used for the Beastie Boys tracks are based in the USA or UK. This is the first time Swedish producers have been asked to create a new version. You must have made a great impression to get this job.

Yes, it was dope! We really wanted to do something good with it, since it was our first international work, and it was such a nice track!

How did you get involved with creating the remixes? Did Grand Royal contact you or did you contact them?

It was actually EMI Sweden that hooked it up!

After your remixes appeared on the Beastie Boys Anthology DVD, they became instant fan favourites. In fact we interviewed "TMS 1" from The Prisoners Of Technology who also did an Intergalactic remix which got great reviews, and sent him some of the other Intergalactic remixes that were created. He commented that out of these " favorite remix has got to be the Colleone & Webb Remix #1 - it's fresh and its soooooooo funky (what more can you ask for in a remix?)".
What do you think you brought to the remix that makes it stand out from the rest?

Sometimes you just find that perfect match, with flow, hook....everything, and the beat is just timeless, tell a DJ to put it on today, that remix will still raise the roof.

You've worked with quite a few Swedish hiphop acts (Swing Fly, Blacknuss, Sherlock, Shimoli, ADL). Is there anyone from Sweden in particular we should be keeping an eye/ear out for?

Our latest project is with a group called Paperboys from Norway with their album "The Great Escape". We've been making tracks for a rapper named Petter, who is Swedens most selling Hip Hop act. Remix for Craig David, Awa & a few more.

What differences do you see in Swedish hiphop from the hiphop scenes in the States and UK?

Its a bit slow here at the time, we had a big boom in '98 and after that every rapper, good or bad got a deal. But it's getting better.

What producers and remixers do you admire?

Timbaland never fails.

Is there anyone in particular you would like to remix that you haven't had a chance to yet?

I love Ludacris & it would be fun to do another Beastie remix, you know they're always on some next shit!

Surely you could have come up with a more creative name for the remixes than "Colleone / Webb Remix 1 and 2"? :)

It's not our fault, me and Webb didn't put no name on the DAT-tape, so EMI Sweden labelled it, C&W 1&2.

At least everyone knows your names now. Do you have any last words?

No last words.

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