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Interview with Steve from 5BORO

[ Conducted in September 2004 ]

A new super limited skateboard has been created to commemorate the latest Beastie Boys album. We had a quick chat to Steve from 5BORO, the company responsible for the new deck.

What are the stats on the deck - how many were made, what are the dimensions, what materials are involved, etc

Limited edition (500), 7.6 x 31.5, made of 100% canadian and US maple, pressed here in the US.

To those who haven't heard of your company before, the name 5BORO would sound like one specifically created to release this deck. But you have actually been around for a few years now.

We've been around 8 years and still going strong, if you haven't heard of us you probably don't skate.

How did you get the contract?

I'm still waiting for the "official" press release from Capitol so I can't really say?

Is all the artwork by Matteo Pericoli?

The board has a limited edition seal on the top of the board besides that and our logo on the bottom all artwork is by Matteo.

Did you guys submit multiple designs for this board?

We did, we went through a couple revisions with the existing design but overall we are happy with what it turned into.

How many other deck designs have you guys made in the past?

8 years multiplied by about 20-30 designs per year so over a hundred.

What other things are you producing?

The usual skate brand stuff, T's, hoodies, caps and beanies

With the price they are fetching, are people actually riding them or keeping them for collectability?

As far as pricing? To me these are kind of priceless, I'm a big fan of the Beasties and I'm sure anyone that get's their hands on them is as well so I don't see them selling them. I haven't seen that many out there and the ones I have seen have either been behind plexiglass (like at the DC shoes booth at ASR) or tucked away in someone's closet. But I'm sure a couple will show up on Ebay and then we will know how much they are really worth. I was offered $500 cash at ASR for an unsigned one I had on me at ASR so I think the bidding will be pretty outrageous.

Finally, which character do you play as in 'Tony Hawk Pro Skater'?

Never played the game, too busy skating in the street.

Extra Information:

A few days later the official press release was issued:


New York, NY - September, 2004 -

NYC's 5boro Skateboards is proud to announce a special art-inspired collaboration with the Beastie Boys in celebration of their critically acclaimed new release, To The 5 Boroughs. "When Cornerstone Promotion approached us on behalf of Capitol Records to discuss teaming up with the Beastie Boys to produce an exclusive co-branded board graphic, we were really psyched to make it happen," says 5boro Skateboards Founder and Owner Steve Rodriguez. "The 5boro crew and I grew up skating to the Beastie Boys' music, and we're honored to work with them and be a part of their history." Only 500 5boro / Beastie Boys decks exist (100 to be distributed domestically and 400 internationally), and only the first 100 decks were signed by the Beastie Boys and Mix Master Mike. While they kept the first 4, be on the lookout for the remaining 96! They will definitely be highly sought after, and very difficult to get a hold of.

Interview Part 2:

In August 2005, we re-contacted Steve to ask him a few more questions:

There seems to be some color variations in the decks. The image we have above has a blue logo while other decks we have seen have a green and/or gray color to it. Whats the situation?

The images at the top of the page were works in progress as Capitol made us change the art last minute to the designs below. As far as color variations, it all depends on the printing, if they were printed first, last, how they are displayed, in the light, in a box, etc. The situation is about time, light, temperature, fading, environment, things weather with age. If you kept your board in the shrink wrap and in your closet like I did it would still look like it did the day you got it.

Apparently some fake Beastie Boys decks have been created - is there an easy way to spot the real versions from the bootlegs?

I guess I'm the only one who knows how to spot a fake, take a picture of the top and bottom and send it to me and I will let you know. I don't want to give out any red flags otherwise the bootleggers will be able to make them that much better. [If you want to check your deck - email us here at Beastiemania and we will pass the images onto Steve]

The UK band Gorillaz have a new 5BORO board coming out, also limited to 500 copies. Have you guys made any other band boards?

Nope - we've had offers but stick to bands we are stoked on.

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