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So What'Cha Want 12" : UK [GR87161] (Bootleg)
Pirate Treasure Chapter 2 CDR : US [DMC 202] (Bootleg)
Information: So What'Cha Want 12" : UK [GR87161] (Bootleg)Media:
Format: 12" Vinyl Bootleg Single
Country: England
Catalogue No.: GR87161
Year: 2003
 1. So What'cha Want (Soul Assassin Remix Version)
 2. So What'cha Want (Butt Naked Version)
 3. So What'cha Want (All the Way Live Freestyle Version)
 4. So What'cha Want (Radio Freestyle)

Information: Pirate Treasure Chapter 2 CDR : US [DMC 202] (Bootleg)Media:
Format: CDR Bootleg in Jewel Case
Country: United States
Catalogue No.: DMC 202
Year: 1999
Label: DMC Records
 1. Shake Your Rump (Video Version)
 2. Hey Ladies (Video Mix)
 3. Shadrach (Abstract Impressionist Version)
 4. Caught in the Middle of a 3-Way Mix
 5. Your Sister's Def
 6. 33% God
 7. Dis Yourself in '89 (Just Do It)
 8. Some Dumb Cop Gave Me 2 Tickets Already
 9. And What You Give Is What You Get
 10. Hey Ladies (BS2000 Mix)
 11. Shake Your Rump (Max Poss Mix)
 12. Spam
 13. The New Style (Live)
 14. So What'cha Want (Radio Freestyle)
 15. Stick 'Em Up (Live)
 16. Spam (Remix)
Notes: Tracks 1, 2, and 3 were taken from the Skills To Pay The Bills video compilation.
Track 13 was recorded on the 19th of November, 1992.