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Paul's Boutique Demos CD : JP (Bootleg)
Information: Paul's Boutique Demos CD : JP (Bootleg)Media:
Format: CD5 Bootleg in Jewel Case
Country: Japan
Catalogue No.:
Year: 2005
 1. 3-Minute Rule (Demo)
 2. Hello Brooklyn (Demo)
 3. Johnny Ryall (Demo)
 4. Johnny Ryall (Demo #2)
 5. Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun (Demo)
 6. Egg Man (Demo)
 7. The Sounds of Science (Demo)
 8. 33% God (Get Off the Mic) (Demo)
 9. Shake Your Rump (Demo)
 10. Car Thief (Demo)
 11. Car Thief (Demo #2)
Notes: "Shake Your Rump" is listed as "Full Clout".