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Ill Communication 2LP : CA [8285991]
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Information: Ill Communication 2LP : CA [8285991]Media:
Format: 2x 12" Vinyl Album in Gatefold Sleeve
Country: Canada
Catalogue No.: 8285991
Year: 1994
Label: Grand Royal / Capitol Records
 1. Sure Shot
 2. Tough Guy
 3. B-Boys Makin' with the Freak Freak
 4. Bobo on the Corner
 5. Root Down
 6. Sabotage
 7. Get It Together
 8. Sabrosa
 9. The Update
 10. Futterman's Rule
 11. Alright Hear This
 12. Eugene's Lament
 13. Flute Loop
 14. Do It
 15. Ricky's Theme
 16. Heart Attack Man
 17. The Scoop
 18. Shambala
 19. Bodhisattva Vow
 20. Transitions
Notes: Though issued by EMI Canada, this is not an original 1994 pressing, (we don't actually know what year this came out). The vinyl and sleeve use "7243 8 28599 1 8" as the catalogue number (because the sleeve is based on the UK pressing), but the etchings in the runout groove use "8285991".
The "Parental Advisory" label is actually printed on the sleeve and is not a sticker like on other versions.