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Mike Nishita

Mike Nishita



Mike is pictured here jamming with Money Mark in the summer of 1983-84. In other words, long before the Beastie Boys had even released Licensed to Ill, Mark and Mike were working on perfecting their craft. Back then, Mike would play his 1969 Ludwig drum set, which actually made the big time in 1998. Both the drum set and Mike Nishita went on tour with the Beastie Boys as Money Mark's band would open for the Beasties date after date.

Mike, along with Bill and Brian, has played with Money Mark under a couple of different band names: "Junglebugs" and "Magnetics". Yet, you can not talk about Mike without mentioning is colorful past. Back in the mid-1970s, Mike was largely into BMX, so when he outgrew that the natural transition was into motocross. Turning pro at the age of 18, Mike took motocross very seriously and traveled around the country racing in different competitions. Daily he trained with the women's national champion. It was Mike who taught Adam Horovitz how to ride a motorcycle for his role in the movie Roadside Prophets. To this day Mike still owns five motorcycles and loves to ride often.

Mike has also been a DJ for sixteen years. He even spun at O.J. Simpson's house for Marcus Allen's wedding. Mike also has worked in television for shows including the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Martin, and many others.

Currently Mike is playing in a band called "Headcase", but he still gets together with Money Mark. Back in 1983, Mark, Mike, and the band opened for Chaka Khan. Years later they'd be touring the world with the Beastie Boys. Although Mike's background was in judo, baseball, and motocross, music has been very good to him.

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