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MC Milk Dee and his brother DJ Giz broke into show business in 1988 with the popular old school album What More Can I Say. Having MC Lyte for a sister worked to their advantage: under the name Audio Two, they gained distribution through Atlantic Recordings. As was the case with Licensed to Ill and many of the other rap albums of the same period, What More Can I Say has been heavily sampled over the years.

MC Milk Dee teamed up with DJ Giz again in 1990 to make I Don't Care the Album. At that time hip-hop was really undergoing a metamorphosis and gangster rap was the up- and-coming trend. MCs who had been successful in the late 1980s were now struggling to keep their fan base and recording contracts. MC Milk Dee did not allow fickle fans to dictate his style, and in 1994 he released Never Dated on Rick Rubin's Def American label. This release would put Milk back on top thanks in part to a duet, which featured none other than Adam Horovitz.

Back in 1998, during an Ego Trip magazine (Volume 4, Number 1) interview, Horovitz told the story behind his involvement and feelings about the song "Spam" he did with MC Milk. ' "I'm not sure if I like that record. I haven't heard it since we did it to be honest with you. I'd never met Milk before. Of Course, when that first Audio Two record was out it was huge so when I heard he wanted to do a record with me I was like, 'definitely!"' Combing Adrock's nasal sound with that of MC Milk's lead to the creation of a rap masterpiece known as "Spam." With the exception of Beastie Boys fans, very few people paid any attention to the single.

Adrock in the same Ego Trip interview went on to talk about the commercial failure of that project. '"It was also a weird time because it was comin' out on Def American - Rick Rubin's label. And that wasn't something that I was happy about. I wanted Milk to blow up. I wished Milk sold billions and billions of records and I wished everybody in the world knew about Milk and he had everything he wanted. But in a way, I'm glad it didn't sell because of Rick Rubin, because I didn't feel like givin' him more money. It's unfortunate. I wish Milk was on a different record label and got more attention."'

Since the release of Never Dated, rap fans have not heard much from Milk. Autograph requests sent to the "Got Milk" fan club address listed in the liner notes of Never Dated were recently returned stamped "address no longer valid", so perhaps the show business days of Milk are over.

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