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Bob Mack
Bob Mack


GQ Magazine


Bob Mack wrote about the Beastie Boys and in return the Beastie Boys wrote lyrics about him. Bob Mack became something of a household name among Beastie Boys fans when he became editor of Grand Royal Magazine. But, even after he parted ways from Grand Royal, his legend lives on in the hallowed halls of G-Son Studio.

Issue #2 of Grand Royal Magazine is considered by many to be the best magazine to ever be pressed or printed on paper; thus it is Mack's opus. Bob Mack was a fixture at the Grand Royal home base from 1993-1995, although his path crossed that of the band's earlier than 1993.

During the live footage of Slow and Low, which was filmed at "The Building" in New York City, Bob Mack is seen dancing on stage. If you have no idea of what I am talking about, you need to immediately go out and buy the Skills to Pay the Bills home video. This footage, along with numerous other worthwhile clips, was left off of the Beastie Boys Video Anthology DVD.

The Beastie Boys had grown to know Bob Mack over the years through interviews he conducted and articles he had written about the band. Just like a scene from the movie Almost Famous, writing about the Beastie Boys allowed Bob Mack the opportunity to become friends with the band as well as a member of the Atwater Basketball Association.

As recent as the spring of 2001, Bob Mack is still playing basketball and still writing interesting articles. He played in a Los Angeles recreation league as a member of a team sponsored by the X-Large Store. One article about his hard life as a basketball journeyman was published in GQ magazine. Bob writes regularly for the world's premiere male magazine, so if you're killing time at a newsstand pick up a copy and thumb through it for a Mack feature. will be the closest to the good ol' days of Grand Royal Magazine that you're likely to read.

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