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Doctor Dré
Doctor Dré and Ed Lover


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When asked to name off the people who have acted as Beastie Boys Djs, most fans are quick to answer with DJ Hurricane and/or Mix Master Mike. Those who know their Beastie Boys history may also add DJ Double R (Rick Rubin) to that short list, although a few people will say "Doctor Dré;" and those who do will cringe as they say it. The cringe is not because of the man's skills on the turntable; instead, it is due to the fact that so many people get Doctor Dré (formerly of Yo MTV Raps) confused with Dr. Dre (formerly of N.W.A.). Unless the person is educated when it comes to hip hop's history, explaining the difference between the two can be as frustrating as the whole Chemical Brothers/Dust Brothers debacle.

To set everyone straight, the Doctor Dré we are talking about is the one who (along with Ed Lover) used to host a show on MTV called Yo MTV Raps. Dré and Ed also made a movie together entitled "Who's the Man", which you may have seen. Doctor Dré proceeded DJ Hurricane on the turntables and was quick to defend the Beastie Boys honor on Yo MTV Raps when the 3rd Bass vs. the Beastie Boys controversy began. Using his show as a platform, he openly endorsed the Beastie Boys and dismissed attempts of rap journalists to incite the two groups into a rivalry.

Following MTV's move to non-music video programming and the cancellation of Yo MTV Raps, Doctor Dré took his comedic personality into radio broadcasting.

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