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DJ Moe Love
DJ Moe Love

Threshold Recordings


DJ Moe Love (born Maurice Smith) is from the Fort Green section of Brooklyn. He is one of the original three founding members of the legendary UltraMagnetic M.C.'s. Moe toured the world as Ultra's DJ and produced tracks on their three critically acclaimed albums: Critical Beatdown (1988 Next Plateau), Funk Your Head Up (1992 Mercury) and, The Four Horsemen (1993 Wild Pitch).

Moe Smith also produced half of Tim Dog's debut album Penicillin On Wax (1991 Ruff House) and the classic single "I Get Wreck" (featuring KRS ONE) from Tim Dog's second album which was released in 1993 on Ruff House. Other production credits include "Three Strikes You're Out" on King Tee's album King Tee IV Life (1994 MCA), "Make Up Your Mind" on Kool Keith's Sex Style album (1997 Funky Ass) and remixes for Urban Dance Squad's "Demagogue" (Virgin 1994), and Tricky (1994 Island Records).

Most recently Moe Love had Remixes released for "Leave Me Alone" from the DR Dooom album First Come, First Served (1999 Funky Ass), and "Looking Down the Barrel of a Gun" from our beloved Beastie Boys DVD Video Anthology. DJ Moe Love is listed as one of the artists on Kut Masta Kurt's Threshold Recordings Label.

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