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Brad S. Benjamin

Brad Benjamin



Don't Mosh In the Ramen Shop

The Milarepa Fund


Brad has been an online force in regards to the Beastie Boys, since before many of us first came online. For example, it was Brad who, along with Ian C. Rogers, maintained the Milarepa Fund, Grand Royal, and Beastie Boys website from 1995 through 1998. Also if you recall the old "Beastielist", Brad was involved with running that from 1997-1998.

In addition to all of this, Brad also prepared content for the unreleased 1995-96 Beastie Boys cd-rom entitled Don't Mosh in the Ramen Shop. He also is the person we should thank for taking the long out-of-print Grand Royal Magazine issue #1 and converting it to hypertext, so that it could be archived on the internet for all to enjoy.

In case you're interested, Brad graduated from California State University Long Beach with a BFA in graphic design. He currently does freelance graphic design in his home of Long Beach, CA.

If you have have visited the Paul's Boutique Samples and Reference List (that was mentioned in Details magazine), then you have already visited a part of Brad's personal website. The rest of his site is worth checking out too, so be sure you take a moment and browse through it.

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