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Sunny Bak

Sunny Bak




Pull out your vinyl copy of Licensed to Ill and open up the gatefold jacket. Inside of the gatefold, you will find one of Sunny Bak's most well known photographs. If you don't own the vinyl for Licensed to Ill, a smaller black and white version exists inside of the cd booklet as well.

Like the Beastie Boys, Sunny grew up in New York City. Interestingly enough, she began her career as a photographer while still a teenager. Sunny was closest with Adam Yauch and Dave Scilken, who she met up with around 1984. At the time, she was taking interns from Adrock's high school in her studio. It just so happened that Dave Scilken turned out to be one of them.

For some odd reason, Sunny isn't the household name amongst Beastie Boys fans that other Licensed to Ill era photographers are. Names like Glen Friedman and Ricky Powell are often associated with the band, yet it was Sunny's photography that was chosen to be the centerpiece for the album's gatefold inner-cover. Sunny also is credited for having taken shots of the Beastie Boys that ended up as public relations photos, t-shirts, and posters. Much of 1987 Licensed to Ill Tour Book was her creation. Also, the "Fight for Your Right to Party" music video was actually filmed at her old studio in Manhattan. Here is a little piece of trivia: all of the stuff in the video belonged to her. Makes you want to ask the question, "Do you like parties?"

In addition to all of the above, if you own the British interview picture lp, the photo of the Beastie Boys on it is just another taste of Bak's work.

These days, Sunny owns a photo studio in Marina Del Rey,CA and spends her time between New York and California. Her work recently appeared on the inside of the Solid Gold Hits CD/DVD. For more information on her and to see a list of other clients she has had check out her website.

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