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In 2006, Adam Horovitz teamed up with the Gainesville, Florida band Against Me! to create the Energize-O-Tron remix of "From Her Lips to God?s Ears (The Energizer)". The twelve inch single made the Beastie Boys? previous anti-war songs (e.g. "This Government Needs a Tune Up" and "In a World Gone Mad") sound relatively meek and mild. With Adrock?s beats and a chorus that attempts to awaken "Condoleezza," the song has the potential to get even the most conservative young republican?s foot tapping. Perhaps more importantly though the song has the potential to steal away an unsuspecting Beastie Boys fan into the Against Me! fan camp.

However, before you race out to the mall and buy an Against Me!, t-shirt or CD appreciate that there appears to be a bit of division among Against Me! fans. There are fans that resent the group for signing with Sire Records and pride themselves on the fact that they saw Against Me! perform in the late 1990s. Whereas, other fans may cite the group?s 2005 appearance on Late Night with Conan O?Brien as the first time they discovered Against Me!. Either way the average Beastie Boys fan, who just picked up a copy of the "From Her Lips to God?s Ears (the Energizer)" 12" because Adrock is featured on it, is a late-comer to the party. Now, that having been said, if you are only interested in the group because of the Adrock remix? it was released both on vinyl and CD. The vinyl 12" sells for around $6.00 - $10.00 and is widely available online. The CD is a promo only release making it a little more difficult to obtain (read as: search for it on eBay) and thus it may cost slightly more than the previously quoted figures.

Fair warning is provided here in order to avoid embarrassing oneself on an Against Me! online discussion board. The following are a few note worthy points to keep in mind: First, the group consists of four guys: drummer Warren Oakes, bassist Andrew Seward, James Bowman (on guitar and vocals), and Tom Gabel. Second, prior to being on Sire Records, the group released material on independent labels No Idea Records and Fat Wreck Chords. Lastly, avoid using the phrase "sell out". Nothing sparks a flash point quite like using those two words and Against Me! in the same sentence. The equivalent in the Beastie Boys? online community would be criticizing any aspect of Licensed to Ill.

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