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Date: Jul 2000
Show: MTV: MTV News
Country: United States
City: New York, NY
Language: English
Features: AdRock


This MTV News clip features a serious interview with Adam Horovitz regarding his comments at the September 9th 1999 MTV Video Music Awards show. At the awards show, the Beastie Boys were presented with the award for best hip-hop video (“Intergalactic”). White at the podium to receive the award, Adam Horovitz commented on his sadness and anger over the sexual assaults and rapes that took place at the Woodstock 99 festival. Furthermore he encouraged the musicians in the audience to work with concert promoters to ensure safety for the women and girls that attend shows. The interview material in this clip was filmed the day (June 27th 2000) that Mike D and Adrock announced the Rhyme and Reason 2000 tour.

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