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Date: 28 Jan 1999
Show: MTV: MTV News 1515
Country: United States
City: East Rutherford, NJ
Promoting: Free Mumia Benefit
Language: English
Features: MCA, Mike D, AdRock


On the weekend (January 30-31st, 1999) following the Free Mumia Benefit, MTV News 1515 aired a segment regarding the controversy encircling the event. A small amount of footage from the concert was used as a backdrop for Zach de la Rocha and Adam Yauch’s press conference statements. Adam Yauch stressed that “the main reasons that we wanted to be involved is …just in general opposition to the death penalty. I think the death penalty is really not a solution to anything… you know. I that if we all agree that killing somebody is not a good thing…then killing another person is certainly not a solution to that problem.”

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