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Date: 1999
Show: MTV : 1999 MTV Video Music Awards
Country: United States
Promoting: Hello Nasty
Language: English
Features: MCA, Mike D, AdRock


Up against the likes of TLC, Busta Rhymes, and Lauryn Hill, the Beastie Boys won the MTV video music award for best hip-hop video for “Intergalactic.” Mike D thanked many of the hip hop pioneers who came before the Beastie Boys (e.g. Grand Master Flash, Theodore, and the Treacherous Three). Adam Horovitz used his time in front of the microphone to express his sadness and anger over the sexual assaults and rapes that took place at the Woodstock 99 festival. Furthermore he encouraged the musicians in the audience to work with concert promoters to ensure safety for the women and girls that attend shows.

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