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Action Figures (Part II)

"Listen to the shit 'cause I'm the ill Figure" - Get It Together

(Perhaps Q-Tip should have his own action figure created! ha!)

A word from the Creator:
The following is an interview with Nigo that appeared on the Grand Royal website.

Grand Royal: What's your deal?

Nigo: My name is Nigo, I'm 30 years old, from Tokyo. I started my clothing line named A Bathing Ape in 1993 with my friend SKATE THING. And we started our toys section, Ape Play, and music label Ape Sounds in 1999. I released my own album, Ape Sounds, in 1999 which featured Ben Lee, Money Mark, Cornelius, U.N.K.L.E. and more. I will release a hip hop album featuring Biz Markie, Rakim, Beatnuts, GZA, and Flava Flav. And oh yes, Mario C remixed the tracks for the Ape Sounds remix album.

Grand Royal: What other figures have you made?

Nigo: Futura 2000, U.N.K.L.E., SDP (A Japanese rap group) and Planet of the Apes figures, and myself.

Grand Royal: How long does it take to make one set?

Nigo: Usually it takes 6 months or a year. But it took 2 years to make Beastie Boys action figures.

Grand Royal: How many sets of the Beasties figures were made?

Nigo: 1,000 sets.

Grand Royal: How are the heads made, especially the incredibly accurate faces?

Nigo: I asked Hama Hayao who is famous moulding artist to make the face. He is so great. We took pictures of the Beastie Boys' heads from every side, 360 degrees, as the data for the dolls. I lost the pictures though.

Grand Royal: Do you make the clothes or does someone else?

Nigo: Yes. All clothing was made by A Bathing Ape. I made whole thing except face and body.

Grand Royal: How did you decide on the outfits that they would come with?

Nigo: I tried to reproduce Hello Nasty album jacket for the action figures. And about the extraQuasar outfit, I and my friend Matt Takei had helped to find their uniforms in Tokyo when they had come to Tokyo for the Quasar tour. And I also helped to make their stickers to arrange the outfit with Beastie Boys' direction. And Beastie Boys gave us their guitars as our friendship.

Grand Royal: Is it safe to take them into the bathtub?

Nigo: NO WATER!!!

"what are you looking at?"

More Nigo Creations:

This is a 12" (30cm) tall figure of Nigo himself. He comes with Bathing Ape clothing (of course!), and an ape mask that can be put over his head.
Released in 1998 by Medicom and limited to 1000 made, it also comes with a Bathing Ape numbered collectors card.


This is a 12" (30cm) tall figure of MoWax founder James Lavelle. He also comes with Bathing Ape clothing but this time instead of an ape mask he comes with a "Pointman" mask and gloves. [Pointman can be seen on various UNKLE releases]
Released in 1998 by Medicom and limited to 1000 made, it also comes with a Bathing Ape numbered collectors card.

Nigo VS James Action Figures

Smaller than the above dolls, this set was produced as a promotion for the "Ape Vs MoWax" record that was released.
Again, limited to 1000 sets made. BACK