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Rock Hard

Rock Hard
Party's Getting Rough
Beastie Groove

Rock Hard

We're, we're, we're
We're the b-boys, we don't regret
There's nothing wrong with your TV set
We're a getting loose
We couldn't be harder
Our beats are bigger and better and longer
Got real rock shit
You must admit
Not fake, not false, not counterfeit
I can play the drums, I can play guitar
Not just b-boys, but real rock stars
Rock, rock, rock

When we board your ship, you better hit the deck
You'll walk the plank for your disrespect
Respect, respect...
If you front on the Rock, best run and hide
If you got static, we'll take it outside
And you start to get dulled by the Beastie Boys
Use real rock beats, show off big toys
Like claps of thunder from the cumulus clouds
So we'll pump up the beat and make it real loud
A, then scrach it
Heavy metal tension running through your blood
Too much rock step off the pud
Too much treble mid-range and bass
The beat's so hard it'll dick your face
You'll crush out hard rock hard beats hard
Rock cold rhythms for fanatic freaks
Some people say this has been done
We're here, we're now
And the battles won

Fists of fury in an emcee bout
Rock so hard, it'll knock you out
The very first blow is a kick in the snout
The beat's so def that you better beware
When you're talkin' bass right in your face
The walls crumble down, destroying the place
The finishing touch is the bokasat-slam
The final blow in the five-finger jam

Sometimes I write rhythms rather write rhymes
He writes his and I write mine
Rock 'n roll rhythms are raunchy and raucous
We're from Manhattan, you're from Secaucus
Mike D, Adrock, and MCA
Not before long, I can hear you say
In a way these boys got juice
They're goin' off, you know, they love to get loose
Get loose, get loose
Gettin' the Ad-Ad-Adrock

MCA, Mike D, in the place to be
The Beastie Boys showin' up in toy
That's right
In the place to be
You know it, you know it
Adrock, uh-uh
When the party gets loose
Slop one, slop one
And your goin' the boots
Everybody gettin' trouble
L-O-V on the New York C
Double R, Double R
Better off the by
Just takin' off the jile
Like I lost my style
Gonna' grab my rhyme
All the nigros they got style

Party's Getting Rough

Got the groove, got the groove
Everybody say oh-waaaa, oh-waaaa
Say oh-waaaa, oh-waaaa
Say ta-daaa, ta-daaa
Say ta-daaa, ta-daaa
Ahh, yeah, ahh, yeah
Oh-waaaa, ta-daaa, oh-waaaa, ta-daaa
Ta-daaa, ahh, yeah, yo, ta-daaa, ahh, yeah
Say oh-waaaa, ta-daaa, oh-waaaa, ta-daaa
Ta-daaa, ahh, yeah, ta-daaa, ahh, yeah
Say oh-waaaa, ta-ta, ahh, yeah, oh-waaaa, ta-ta, ahh, yeah
Say oh-waaaa, ta-ta, ahh, yeah, oh-waaaa, ta-ta, ahh, yeah
Say oh-waaaa, ta-ta, ahh, yeah, oh-waaaa, ta-ta, ahh, yeah
Ahh, oh, ahh...
Get on the spit, deal with it again
Hey has got the groove
Mr. Mix has got the groove
Abs One has got the groove
Classtina has got the groove
Chuck D has got the groove
Sensini has got the groove
Atook Adecima has got the groove
Sthamolt has got the groove
I said Troy has got the groove
Shock One has got the groove, that's right
Ted Knight (?) has got the groove
Special K has got the groove
Our pal has got the groove
Beastie Boys has got the groove
DMC has got the groove
Driver Janyo has got the groove
Mark Ole has got the groove
Has got the groove

Yo, man, Mark K, what's up with that?
Everything's rollin' along, and everything and now
Ahh, man
It all drops out
Towel, you tryin'
You tryin' to ruin this record, man
We seen you with them long dollars and you know that
And now what do you do?
You wanna make this sound nice
You just fessin', man
I don't even wanna hear about it
You just fessin'
That's it, that it
I give up, I can't make a record with you guys
You guys are a bunch of funky-funky idiots
Man, I'm outta hear, bye
Fine man, just get outta hear, man
You don't know how to produce a record no how
Just take a walk, man
Yeah, we don't even need you here in the studio
We can do it better ourselves
And Burzootie, you're not even helpin' anyway
So you get out
Word, man
That's right, man, you guys didn't even, ahh, look at this, man
Look at this, man, they didn't even turn on the boombox
Ahh man, word, man
Oh, wait, hold up, man
Where's the funky bass at?
Ahh, the bass man
The funky bass
Yo, I hook it up, I hook it up
Yeah, word, Rick
Ahh, yeah
Ahh, the bass is tight
The bass is fresh
That's not too wild for me
No, man
But, yo, when that bass start breakin', man
That'll be smokin', man
That's crazy fresh
Word, man, word, word
Oh, that, that is, that's that's

Beastie, Beastie
Say Beastie, Beastie
Say Beastie Boys, Beastie Boys
The Beastie Boys, the Beastie Boys
Say Beastie, Beastie
The Beastie Boys, the Beastie Boys
Say Beastie groove, Beastie groove
The Beastie groove, the Beastie groove
The Beastie...groove
That'll make you sore

Beastie Groove

Now don't start a fessin' you're on the check
We're so damn hard, we never sweat
Gonna rock, gonna roll, we'll take control
But if ya had to rock the mic, it's in the soul
In the heart in the mind, it'll make you blind
It'll make the other rappers a drop the time
Do you mind, huh, it can take you home
And teach you how to fess on the microphone
I'm a messing on the mic at all the cool parties
I've been on the mic in Rome and Capri
And all the fine women, Italian, fell in love with me
Now Mike D's strool, stealin' the show
I say, come on Mike D, let's flash some dough
On the go all of the time
When you're rappin' your rhyme, you know you ring my chime
And now he's the one who's gonna show you how to dance
The King Adrock, don't give him a chance
When he starts to dance, the ladies gather around
The King Adrock, he's gonna get down
He'll bust the know how to do it to you
Just four fresh folks and we form a fresh crew
Adrock just make that move
Just rock to the rhythm on the Beastie groove
I say K-I-N-G A-D rock
You know the whole world is on my jock
I got girls at the Met on the T-I-P
And I will do it to you, Eddie, know it's you I please
'Cause I'm a man who needs no introduction
Got a big tool of reproduction
Bouncin' in your ears what you always wishin'
For the day to come when I start to dishin'
On your body, yes, your mind
Just take another and get in line
'Cause when I get you into bed, you know I sue
Then you'll know the real meaning of the Beastie groove
And now something new a double time cool rhyme
From my boy Adrock sendin' tickles up your spine
Suck on this, this beat rocks tiny
A B-E-A-S-T-I-E, well, everyone knows me
You know that I can surely be the number one in frequency
I'm hip, I'm hoppin', I'm takin' time
For everyone that's on my jock
You know that I can surely rock
I like to talk, I take the time
Turn it in, I turn it out
Makin' rhymes, scream and shout
King of the mic I rock
I know how to turn you on just like a light
I'm number one and I'm the one
King Adrock of physico to the last
Is the day of the Beastie groove
So bet the fly rhymes to make you move
Everybody in the world who ever you are
You better get ready D-T, Double R, huh

That's right
Hey, hey, mom

Mike D
Just make that move
Just rock to the ryhthm of the Beastie groove
Well, I'll put it to you, I'm Mike D
I'm rappin' on the mic, a number one MC
When I'm on the go, I put the ball in the hoop
I throw you ten bucks as I do the allie-oop
Just throw me the ball, and watch me get down
I'll take you for a sucker, and I'll throw you to the ground
Take that if you think you can
Meet the floor and that to this here rap
Now you know you can bust that move
Everybody dance to the Beastie groove
Just make that move
Just rock to the rhythm of the Beastie groove
Come on gorgeous, pretty, little, French fly girlie
See me standin' on the stage and wanna tour around the world
If you wanna see some more when I'm not on the floor
Just come on back stage and I'll tell you how to turn it
You don't know what to do, I'll do it to you
Well, just take off your clothes and start the boogaloo
Now all the nice ladies, all say please
And I'll know that's me
MCA makin' the party
With the ultimate rhymes from tip to bass
Just doin' those ladies all over the place
On the floor, in the back, and if I'm doin' lack
Just put 'em in a line, layin' on their back
And then I'll do them all one at a time
MCA so loose with the rhyme
The Beastie groove