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(Hurricane vocals from the live version)

Its my second time around so get a grip
Dont slip as i flip and rip it up cover up here comes a uppercut
Dead to the stomach your vomit
Make you sit down and read a comic
Cause your making me laugh
So fell the raft
Stay out of my path
And that aint even the half
Cause I'm kool as Shaft.
Take you up to another level
Give you a shovel cause your living with the devil
I'm a rebel without a pause
Getting in them draws.
Settling old scores ill snap ya neck
And break your jaw and that's because
I get stupid off a drum loop played by a dope group
Thats what i got to do to tell you the scoop
MCA play the bass Adrock a play the guitar
Cane a grab the mic and keep it up to par.
You get stupid you get dumb
We keep it all fun one by one
And have fun don't pull a gun
So that's whats up huh and listen to mike d kick it on the drum....

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