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Cooky Puss

Cooky Puss
Bonus Batter
Beastie Revolution

Cooky Puss

The shit with this bitch
Yo, I said I'm calling you, B.
Yo, B, it's the phone.
Yo, B.
May I help you?
Yes. What's your name?
Hello, man. You got Cookypuss' number?
Here's my supervisor. He'll help you.
Yo, man. Where's the supervisor at?
I-I got the number anyway, baby!
That bitch hang up on me.

These pussy crumbs are making me itch!

Ah, Cookypuss, HEY!
Ah, Cookypuss
Maybe I should scratch

Aaahhh, B-E-A-S-T-I-E go!

My real name is
My real name is

My sister's name was

Cookypuss, cook, cook, cook, scratch, scratch
Oh, cook, cook, cook, cook, oh, cookypuss

And my mother got to call us for dinner

Yo, yo, yo!
Yo, yo, yo!

Cookypuss. Pussy crumbs? What are pussy crumbs?
Take me home and eat me, yeah!

Bitch, I'll fuckin' kick your ass, bitch.
Hello, Carvel?
Yo, man. Cookypuss there?
Cookypuss. I want to speak to Cookypuss, man!
No. Nobody here by that name.
A Cooky O' Puss then. Cookychic. Anybody, man. I want to speak to them!
They're not here.
I said, I house ya. Where's Cookie Puss at?
Yo, I'm serious. I wanna talk to...yo, man, Cookypuss.
Alright let, let me order one then. Let me get one.
When do you want it for?
Anytime, man. Just like now and, shit, you know, that shit now.
I'm talkin' now, B. Damn bitch hang up. I'll kick your ass, bitch!

Yo, yo, yo!
Yo, yo, yo!

Beastie Boys rock!
Beastie Boys

Bonus Batter


Beastie Revolution

Bim, bim, bim
Ibi Ibi bim
Bum mamama milly milly ma, yeah
Ma ma milly ma ma milly
Bim bim bim pow
How many in your party, please?

Ibi, yeah
All the ancient Chinese rastafarian...
The man called Gurie
Yeah, right!
A boy called Cookypuss
Bum bum ma mily bum
Bummaly mamamily mily bum
Here come now
Here come now
My man now, Adam, mate
Say Adam, yeah
My zion monochrome monty tay de dream
My monochrome de tatte ita ja ja ja yes
Rasta, come on Ibi, you know
You don't se it man
You're bloodclot, you're blind, Dima
You're blind, you're bloodclot
Fire burned ya
Your mother

Dima, bima a...
Bim, a Beastie revolution
Why not a Beastie revolution, Dima
I say why not a Beastie revolution, Ibi
I say why not a Beastie revolution
I say why not a Beastie revolution
Bim, Rastafari, yeah
I don't like that
Da Bum ma mily mily bily bum bim bim
Dum Dum dadum mamily mily bum
Yeah, say we have mi
We have mi Michael, yeah
We say we have mi Adam, yeah
We say we have mi Kate
We're the Beastie Boys
We are gonna have a Beastie revolution, yeah

Adam, man on guitar
My man Michael on vocal, you see that now
Hear that, Kate Schellenbach, right, play the drum
And we got the Adam Yauch on the bass too, you know
Jinx now, Adam, yeah
One, two, a burrito outta you...
Man on guitar

Beastie - eastie -astie
Beastie revolution