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The tour gigography includes a wealth of information and images on every tour date known. The gigography will remain a work in progress. Our research is never ending and fellow fans are asked to provide us with scans of their ticket stubs and other tour related items.

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Young Aborigines
Date Country City Venue Reviews Setlist Images Notes
13 Feb 1992 United States San Francisco, CA I-Beam Club, The  
17 May 1992 United States East Lansing, MI Michigan State University   The Skills to Pay the Bills Tour
22 May 1992 United States Seabright, NJ Tradewinds     The Skills to Pay the Bills Tour
23 May 1992 United States New York, NY Roseland Ballroom The Skills to Pay the Bills Tour
29 May 1992 United States Miami, FL Cameo Theatre   The Skills to Pay the Bills Tour
12 Jun 1992 United States Los Angeles, CA Hollywood Paladium   The Skills to Pay the Bills Tour
20 Jun 1992 England London Town & Country Club  
21 Jun 1992 Belgium Brussels Ancienne Belgique  
25 Jun 1992 Germany Munich Theatrefabrik    
2 July 1992 Italy Milan City Square    
2 Aug 1992 United States Mesa, AZ Mesa Ampitheatre  
4 Aug 1992 United States San Jose, CA San Jose State  
7 Aug 1992 Canada Vancouver PNE Exhibition Bowl
8 Aug 1992 United States Bremerton, WA Kitsap County Fairgrounds   EndFest
16 Aug 1992 United States Cleveland, OH Agora, The  
18 Aug 1992 United States Norfolk, VA Boathouse, The  
30 Aug 1992 England Reading Rivermead     Reading Festival
2 Sept 1992 Germany Munich Circus Krone    
8 Nov 1992 United States New Brunswick, NJ Student Center Livingston College  
10 Nov 1992 United States Raleigh, NC Civic Center  
24 Nov 1992 United States Los Angeles, CA Universal Amphitheatre  
28 May 1994 United States Washington, DC Radio Music Hall  
16 July 1994 United States Tinley Park, IL World Music Theatre   Luscious Lollapalooza Festival
26 Apr 1995 United States Los Angeles, CA Palace, The   Quadraphonic Tour
28 Apr 1995 United States Santa Barbara, CA County Bowl     Quadraphonic Tour
4 May 1995 United States Dallas, TX Fairplex Park Coliseum Quadraphonic Tour
18 May 1995 United States Detroit, MI Cobo Arena   Quadraphonic Tour
31 Dec 1995 Australia Sydney Macquarie University Summersault Festival