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Information: Some Old Bullshit MC : US [GR003]Media:
Format: Cassette Album in Jewel Case
Country: United States
Catalogue No.: GR003
Year: 1994
Label: Grand Royal

 1. Egg Raid on Mojo (Demo)
 2. Beastie Boys
 3. Transit Cop
 4. Jimi
 5. Holy Snappers
 6. Riot Fight
 7. Ode to...
 8. Michelle's Farm
 9. Egg Raid on Mojo
 10. Transit Cop (Demo)
 11. Cookie Puss
 12. Bonus Batter
 13. Beastie Revolution
 14. Cookie Puss (Censored Version)

Notes: This is the original cassette before Capitol Records started to distribute it under their name as well.

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