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Hello Nasty Show Vinyl LP : US [BB-SV-1] (#1)
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Information: Hello Nasty Show Vinyl LP : US [BB-SV-1] (#1)Media:
Format: 12" Show Vinyl
Country: United States
Catalogue No.: BB-SV-1
Year: 1998
 1. Rhymin And Stealin (Instrumental)
 2. Slow and Low (Instrumental)
 3. Time to Get Ill (Holy Ghost) (Instrumental)
 4. Time to Get Ill (Version 2) (Instrumental)
 5. Hold It Now, Hit It (Instrumental)
 6. [See Below]
 7. Posse in Effect (Instrumental)
 8. The New Style (Instrumental)
 9. The New Style (Instrumental)
 10. Paul Revere (Instrumental)
Notes: Used for the "Hello Nasty" Tour.
Comes in a plain white sleeve with "JUNE 9 1998" and "BB-SV-1 A/B" stamped on it.
The vinyl labels are blank except for a small stamped "1A" on one side.
Attached to the front of the sleeve is a fax sheet from Grand Royal Records listing the record information and track details, dated the 4th of June 1998.
Track 3 adds the break from 'Holy Ghost' by the Bar-Kays.
Track 4 adds the beat from 'P.S.K.' by Schoolly D and is listed as "Time To Get Ill vers. 2 (2nd LP)".
Track 6 is "Making Cash Money (Instrumental)" by Busy Bee.
Tracks 8 and 9 are two sections of "It's The New Style" separated between the 3rd and 4th verse and listed as "New Style Fast" and "New Style Slow".

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