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Information: Paul's Boutique 8x7" : UK [BBPBBOX 001..008] (Bootleg) (Color Vinyl Stickered Box)Media:
Format: 8 x 7" Color Bootleg Vinyl Boxset
Country: Europe
Catalogue No.: BBPBBOX 001/002/003/004/005/006/007/008
Year: 2011

 1. To All the Girls (Instrumental)
 2. To All The Girls (Live)
 3. Shake Your Rump (Demo)
 4. Johnny Ryall (Demo #2)
 5. Egg Man (Live)
 6. High Plains Drifter (Instrumental)
 7. The Sounds of Science (Demo)
 8. 3-Minute Rule (Demo)
 9. Hey Ladies (Fred C Remix)
 10. 5-Piece Chicken Dinner
 11. Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun (Live)
 12. Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun (Demo)
 13. Car Thief (Demo)
 14. What Comes Around (Instrumental)
 15. Shadrach (Live)
 16. Shadrach (Instrumental)
 17. Ask for Janice, Pt.II
 18. A Year And A Day (Live)
 19. Hello Brooklyn (Live)
 20. A Year and a Day (Instrumental)
 21. Hello Brooklyn (Demo)

Notes: 8x 7" Color Singles housed in a limited 1000 copy box set.
First version which is numbered 250 to 399. Released in December 2011.
This version has a stickerd box as opposed to later copies which have printed boxes.
Each single is contained in a black sleeve. Each single contains alternate versions of tracks from Paul's Boutique. Tracks 2,11,15,18 were taken from a live recording on May 22nd 1992. Track 5 is actually taken from a live recording on March 4th 1995. Track 19 was taken from a live recording on October 9th 2004.

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