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Information: Return Of The Cyklops CDR : US (Acetate)Media:
Format: CDR Acetate in Plastic Sleeve
Country: United States
Catalogue No.:
Year: 2002
Label: Asphodel

 1. Trashcan
 2. Human Torch
 3. Patrol Knob
 4. Bermuda Tri-Axl
 5. Counter Attack Now
 6. Harsky & Starch
 7. Dwarf 9
 8. Cumm Get Summ
 9. Dented Fridge
 10. Gravity
 11. Bazooka Kanyon
 12. Messy Marvin
 13. Audio Mass
 14. Her Majesty
 15. Monster Eye Land
 16. Grudge Match
 17. Atmosfear

Notes: Comes in a plastic sleeve with front insert. The insert is a copy of the standard cd front sleeve and back sleeve joined together.
The CDR is plain with information stickers.

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