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Information: Daughters Of The Kaos / In Search Of Manny 2CD : US [DPRO 79277] (Promo)Media:
Format: 2x CD5 Promo in Card Cases contained in a Plastic Wallet
Country: United States
Catalogue No.: DPRO 79277
Year: 1993
Label: Grand Royal / Capitol Records / EMI

 1. Daughters of the Kaos
 2. Let Yourself Get Down (Edit)
 3. Surprise
 4. Find Your Mind
 5. Let Yourself Get Down
 6. Life of Leisure
 7. Daughters of the Kaos
 8. Keep on Rockin It
 9. She Be Wantin It More
 10. Bam-Bam
 11. Satellite

Notes: Each CD is housed in a card case which are placed in a gatefold plastic wallet. When opened, the back image of both sleeves form two turntables and a mixer.

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